Name: Momiko カ月巫女 (Miko months)

Age: 15 years old

Grade: First year of high school

Hair: Short, curly red hair

Eyes: Green eyes with a hint of blue

Color: Green

Clothing Style: Unique, prefers to be comfortable

Good Traits: Funny, nice, and fun to be around. She's also optimistic, usually happy, yet she's practical. She's daring, and loves to try new things. She's very "down to earth." Lol!

Bad traits: She's shy around new people and doesn't like to be without her friends.

Dream Profession: Zoologist

Family: Momiko is an only child, so she often gets bored at home. That's why she loves to be around her friends.

Signs: She was born during the year of the tiger and the monthe of Capricorn (January). Both of her signs correspond to the element of earth!!

Social Class: Townsperson

Nickname: Miko 巫女 (Miko)

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