Name: Seishin-en 精神炎 (spirit flame OR flame spirit)

Age: 14 years old

Grade: First year of high school

Hair: Dirty blonde, straight with layers, passed her shoulders.


Color: Sunset orange and red

Clothing Style: Decorative clothing and pants

Good traits: She's energetic and full of spirit. She's funny and has lots of fun wherever she is. She's a bit of a tomboy, but that doesn't stop her from being a great friend. She's also fierce and quick to defend her friends.

Bad traits: She can get angry and pick fights. She's sometimes a bit annoying.

Dream profession: Working with dogs (she really relates to them)

Family: Seishin-en lives with her family in the royal palace. Her cousin is the prince. She lives a sheltered life, so she feels the need to break some rules and get out more.

Signs: She was born in the year of the rabbit (which seems to be the opposite of her...) and in the month of September, so her astrological sign is Virgo.

Social Class: Royalty

Nickname: Sei (pronounced Shay) 精 (Precision)

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